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How it Works

For Agencies:
NannyJobs.com™ features a job posting service that allows member agencies to quickly post current positions online with basic requirements. Participating agencies also have the ability to search nanny resumes and view resumes of nannies who have applied directly to their job postings.
NannyJobs PRO™ is a full back-office suite designed specifically for Household Employment & Staffing Agencies to automate candidate recruitment, applicant tracking, and placement operations; it also aids in the tracking of family requirements, matching, billing, and reporting. With more than 20 years of household employment agency experience, GTM has worked with agencies to design, develop and continuously enhance a business tool that allows agencies to deliver more quality placements and increase bottom line profits.  Learn more.

For Families:
NannyJobs offers families hundreds of qualified nannies, babysitters, and other child care professionals located across the United States. Since finding household help can be very difficult and timely, placement agency professionals have always played a big part in assessing families’ needs and matching them with an appropriate referenced and background screened candidate. Many families use agencies to help alleviate safety concerns when looking for a caregiver to take care of their loved ones or work in their home.
With NannyJobs.com, families have two options:

  1. Easily locate an agency in their preferred area, OR
  2. Search and identify candidates that meet their requirements and have already passed a comprehensive background evaluation through a licensed placement agency

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For Nannies:
NannyJobs has thousands of jobs available, offered by reputable agencies nationwide. You may create a resume for yourself and then view the advertised jobs. Once you find a job you like, simply apply for the job. An e-mail with your resume will be sent to the agency with that job and a confirmation e-mail will be returned to you. The agency will review your information and contact you if appropriate. Families may also search NannyJobs.com and view parts of your information (not your name or contact information). Families will be directed to agencies where you sent your resume.  Learn more.