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Location:Doylestown, PA
Salary:$500-$800 per week! Paid Vacation, Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Days!
Benefits:Paid Holidays; Paid Sick Days
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Corporate: Pinch Hitter Program

GTM Household Services provides nationwide corporations and local businesses with dependent back-up care, under the Pinch Hitter® Care program.

Studies have shown that in-home back-up child care positively impacts recruitment and retention, builds employee loyalty and improves overall productivity. Employees of participating companies can use our in-home child care when children are mildly ill, regular childcare arrangements fall through, during holidays, or when the company requires they work overtime or on weekends.

Last-minute care for working parents

GTM offers a unique program to companies who would like to offer dependent back-up care as a company-subsidized employee benefit. Corporate sponsored child care is an employee benefit that is becoming more common in forward-thinking companies. It is a service that provides emergency back-up childcare and eldercare for families to help them keep work obligations when their dependent is sick or when the usual care provider has cancelled at the last minute.

Employers like Pinch Hitter® because:

  • Helps to avoid the hassle of replacing employees taking a last-minute day off
  • Employees are empowered to maintain daily work schedules without canceling any work obligations or missing deadlines
  • The benefit is a relatively inexpensive investment; considering the productivity that is lost each time an employee is absent or late

Employees like Pinch Hitter® because:

  • It helps both parents work more effectively; meeting work obligations, and not have to cancel meetings or last-minute trips
  • A responsible, pre-screened and qualified professional caregiver is on hand with little notice
  • Employees have little out-of-pocket expense for the benefit care (as it is subsidized by their company)

How it works:

  • From Mon–Thurs 6am-9pm, Fri 6am-5pm and Sun 5pm-9pm the employee can call for immediate assistance for a qualified caregiver to be dispatched to their home
  • The employee pays a reasonable pre-determined out-of-pocket fee to the provider and the company subsidizes the balance
  • The employee is relieved, company moral is high and the company is winning the fight against employee-parent related absences!

Interested in setting up Pinch Hitter® at your own company?
Whether your company employs several or 100,000 employees, GTM can customize a program to meet your company’s needs.

Contact us and see what other companies have found out – Pinch Hitter® is the best work-family benefit available.