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Location:Doylestown, PA
Salary:$500-$800 per week! Paid Vacation, Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Days!
Benefits:Paid Holidays; Paid Sick Days
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Resource Center for Nanny Placement Agencies & Others Involved In Au Pair Services

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Tax Resource Center

Recommended Practices for Nanny Placement Agencies
To promote quality child care and an environment for all children that nurtures their well-being, the International Nanny Association has developed recommended practices for nanny placement agencies.

Professional Organizations

International Nanny Association
Established in 1985, the INA is a non-profit, educational association for nannies and those who educate, place, employ and support professional in-home child care providers. Membership is open to those who are directly  involved with the in-home child care profession including nannies, nanny employers, nanny placement agency owners (and staff), nanny educators and providers of special services related to the nanny profession. Our members agree to adhere to the Commitment to Professional Excellence:

  • Respect the contributions of individuals involved in professional in-home child care
  • Maintain high standards of professional conduct
  • Respect and support families in their task of nurturing children
  • Promote the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of children
  • Support the lifelong process of personal growth and professional development

The Alliance of Professional Nanny Associations
Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies is a professional membership organization for serious business owners who establish and enforce standards of professional industry practices. We invite you to become part of a dynamic national association dedicated to maintaining ethical business practices, supporting quality childcare, exchanging useful business information and promoting agency efforts on a national scale.

APNA Members:
  • Maintain high standards of professional conduct and integrity.
  • Offer assistance and accurate information so that families and caregivers can make informed choices about entering into mutually beneficial in-home childcare arrangements.
  • Respect confidential relationships with families and caregivers.
  • Resolve conflicts and disputes promptly and fairly.
  • Provide friendly, courteous service.
  • Continually maintain and improve professional knowledge, skill and competence.
  • Obey all laws and regulations applicable to in-home childcare referral and placement.
  • Respect the contribution of colleagues and associates in the field of in-home child care.